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“ I really like your work. The range and depth of your craft are phenomenal. The bold colour palettes throughout your abstracts look stunning, the materials and character development in your dolls is fascinating.” Michelle Bylow, Exectuive Director. RAW Artists Canada

"I purchased a painting called, 'Snippets of Colour'. I love the swirls and intensity of colours and the balance in the placement."

"You have a stunning underwater painting that took my breath away--I could feel the ocean's floor and the colours were so intense."

Lois Neufeld: ”What beautiful artwork. I’m so impressed, especially your alcohol ink art.”

Irma and Arnie Heidebrecht:" I especially like your sunflower and kangaroo paintings. Also the more contemporary framing on some of your artwork is great to see. Love those dolls. Brilliant work, Judy"

Elizabeth B.:" Lots of innovative lovely paintings! Congrats!"

Ken Fleming: “I love that the website keeps clicking over the art without my fumbling around on the keyboard.”

Art dolls:

Christina Lindsay:

Judy’s art doll, Untamed, is my alter ego made “real”. Other people see a conversation-starting art piece in my living room, but she is my inner me. The moment I saw the goth, pierced little person with jet black hair and a razorblade necklace, I recognized her, and so did my husband. The doll is beautifully made, with both a sense of humour and a punk whimsy. She delights me and gives me confidence to let the hidden me out on more occasions. What more can you ask from a piece of art?

Kat Watters:

Hi gal, your art is soooo wonderful. I love your twisted mind, especially the forest critters.


Jacquie Fenske bought 'Rockin' Redhead' one weekend in November ,2020, She wrote: "She was calling my name. How could I resist?"