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"I purchased a painting called, 'Snippets of Colour'. I love the swirls and intensity of colours and the balance in the placement."

"You have a stunning underwater painting that took my breath away--I could feel the ocean's floor and the colours were so intense."

Lois Neufeld: ”What beautiful artwork. I’m so impressed, especially your alcohol ink art.”

Irma and Arnie Heidebrecht:" I especially like your sunflower and kangaroo paintings. Also the more contemporary framing on some of your artwork is great to see. Love those dolls. Brilliant work, Judy"

Elizabeth B.:" Lots of innovative lovely paintings! Congrats!"

Ken Fleming: “I love that the website keeps clicking over the art without my fumbling around on the keyboard.”

Art dolls:

Christina Lindsay:

Judy’s art doll, Untamed, is my alter ego made “real”. Other people see a conversation-starting art piece in my living room, but she is my inner me. The moment I saw the goth, pierced little person with jet black hair and a razorblade necklace, I recognized her, and so did my husband. The doll is beautifully made, with both a sense of humour and a punk whimsy. She delights me and gives me confidence to let the hidden me out on more occasions. What more can you ask from a piece of art?

Kat Watters:

Hi gal, your art is soooo wonderful. I love your twisted mind, especially the forest critters.


Jacquie Fenske bought 'Rockin' Redhead' one weekend in November ,2020, She wrote: "She was calling my name. How could I resist?"